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The next generation for sign-in management


Are you struggling with paper-based systems — or worse, multiple systems that don’t talk to each other?


Are your staff bogged down with manual tasks, like entering data, visitor check-in and reviewing staff hours?


And are you confident that everyone coming and going through your doors is authorised to be there?

Finally, a total sign-in solution for visitors, staff, residents and contractors that talks with your other systems.

Connect LoopSafe with your staff management systems and free up lost time

As a manager, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Juggling rosters. Approving time sheets. Managing budgets.

LoopSafe integrates with your finance, payroll and rostering systems to provide automatic updates of validated time and attendance data.

The result?

You can claim back valuable time for your management and admin team (did someone say a proper lunch break?)

Know exactly who’s on site, and when

How do you keep track of who’s coming and going? Is it a reliable process — or could someone slip through the system?

LoopSafe protects your people and places by integrating with your access control systems. Use LoopSafe to register staff, visitors and contractors, and ensure only authorised people are on site by activating key cards with a successful face check. Last year alone, LoopSafe found more than 5% of check-ins did not meet safe entry requirements — people that would have otherwise slipped through the system.

What’s more, LoopSafe can grant after-hours access for certain people, provide a central view of everyone on site and create evacuation reports in an emergency – at any time, from any mobile device.

Take the complexity out of compliance

Compliance giving you a headache? Keeping on top off things feel like a full-time job? Lost in a maze of red tape?

LoopSafe is a one-stop-shop solution to compliance (without the need for staff supervision).

With our simple check in process, you can verify ID, complete a TGA-approved temperature check and validate documents (only alerting staff if people don’t comply).

Plus, you can roll out changes to entry requirements almost instantly. Simple.

All your check-in data, in one central place

“I love queuing to check-in” – said no visitor, ever.

Integrate LoopSafe with your other systems to create a seamless and impressive visitor experience that gets faster every time they use it. No more visitor queues.

This is a self-managed, customised screening process that checks ID, temperature and documents and activates access cards — all in one place for consistency and accuracy and ease.

“When you introduce a new system, you want the integration to be seamless and not require additional manual intervention to keep it up-to-date. The fact that LoopSafe has the ability for custom API integration gives us the peace of mind of knowing that our information is accurate and current.”

Narelle, Hardi Aged Care

LoopSafe saves front desk staff five hours a week*

How are you keeping track of everyone coming and going?  Do you have more than one process?  Paper-based and digital check in systems that don’t talk to each other are time-consuming, prone to errors and unreliable in an emergency.

LoopSafe offers a digital, fast, self-check-in process that can be used by everyone. This frees up staff time, reduces errors and delivers a great customer experience.  LoopSafe also alerts relevant staff when someone is denied entry — which means they’re only taken away from work in the moments that matter.

*Compared to operating a paper-based entry-management system.

“We wanted to try and eliminate paper-based forms. It became too cumbersome from a sign-in/sign-out point of view. Your desk gets way too cluttered and then you have to figure out a way to store it all. This was quite a straightforward system; you set it up and then off you go. It was quite streamlined.”

George Kallinicos, Finance Manager, PM Aged Care

Take a peek at the LoopKiosk

  • Temperature sensor — TGA-approved to accurately record your body temperature and place an alert if it’s outside the range
  • Pre-register Allow visitors to pre-register for fast, hands-free check in, ideal for events, buildings and specific areas
  • Unlimited visitor types — Create different processes for different types of people, including staff, contractors, visitors and volunteers
  • Screening questions — Create custom screening questions for different visitor categories
  • Face check technology — Fast, accurate and secure with hands-free options — we have a world-first approach to privacy
  • Customisable display — Use your branding and display important messages
  • Name badge printing —Choose to print a name badge after sign-in so staff can easily identify authorised visitors
  • Real-time notifications — Alert staff if someone is denied entry, such as a high temperature, invalid document or if they’re listed as a restricted visitor

Integrating LoopSafe is as easy as 1, 2, 3

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*LoopKiosk is listed on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods. ARTG ID: 376450