Smart, Safe and Efficient

The next generation of visitor management and staff clock-on for Australian aged care

Smart, Safe and Efficient

The next generation of visitor management and staff sign-in for Australian aged care

A single check-in solution for visitors, staff, contractors and residents

Designed for aged care

LoopKiosk is a smart staff sign-in and visitor management solution specifically designed for Australian aged care. With a large screen, oversized buttons and clear text, our self-serve kiosk have been optimised for users of visitor management for aged care and makes signing in a breeze for everyone.

Multiple sign-in locations

Eliminate paper-based systems and reduce wait times with multiple self-check-in points.  Our fully adjustable desk or wall-mounted kiosks can be placed anywhere – in your reception area for visitors and other convenient locations for staff sign-in.

Single sign-in solution

Use LoopKiosk for visitor self-check-in and complete health and identity checks, document validation, visitor limits and badge printing in one easy process.  Streamline staff sign-in with customised workflows and instantly update your workforce and care management systems with the same data.

James Trazzera – Virtual CTO, Hardi Aged Care

I’m more than happy to sing LoopSafe’s praises because this is a really great system. The technology works, the back end is great, and it’s very simple and easy to use.

Trusted by aged care facilities around Australia

Benefits for your aged care facility  

Create a fast and easy sign-in process for everyone

Automate and simplify the sign-in process for everyone with contactless ID verification, temperature health check*, document validation and customised screening questions.  (*ARTG ID 376450)

A truly self-service sign-in solution

Forget about long reception queues and lengthy wait times.  Transform the visitor experience with a quick self-serve sign-in that’s easy to use. The LoopKiosk has been specifically designed for aged care with an oversized screen and adjustable height so everyone can sign in without the need for supervising staff. Our aged care visitor management system ensures efficiency while prioritising the needs of your visitors. 

parent and teacher
parent and teacher

A truly self-service sign-in solution.

Transform the visitor experience with a quick self-serve sign-in that’s easy to use. Forget about long reception queues and lengthy wait times. Customise messages and add your branding to make visitors feel welcome from the moment they step inside your facility.

Enable visitors to select the person they’re visiting, create visitor limits and automatically alert staff when there are unapproved visitors to keep residents safe and give families peace of mind.      

Ensure a compliant facility without the cost and time

Customise the sign-in process for every type of visitor to your facility with screening questions, document validation and signed agreements to ensure everyone is authorised to be there. Sort, filter and export visitor data to provide detailed audit trails for powerful reporting.  

Know who’s at your aged care facility in real-time and have access to accurate visitor logs for fast contact tracing in case of an incident. Stay on top of regulations by rolling out updates across multiple facilities with the touch of a button.   

Integrate effortlessly with payroll, finance and HR

Replace your paper-based or fingerprint system with a simple clock-on solution with face ID. Say goodbye to manually checking time sheets by using accurate staff check-in and check-out information. Our purpose-built visitor management software for aged care will also seamlessly integrate with your existing workforce management software.

Link your rostering, payroll, finance, HR and clinical management platforms to automatically update verified staff clock-on and clock-off data, saving hours of manual data processing time.

LoopKiosk and Web Console GENERAL
LoopKiosk and Web Console GENERAL

Integrate effortlessly with payroll, finance and HR

Replace your paper-based and fingerprint system with a simple check-in solution and face ID. Say good-bye to manually checking time sheets by using accurate staff check-in and check-out information. Our purpose-built software seamlessly integrates with your existing software.

Link your rostering, payroll, finance, HR and clinical management platforms to automatically update verified check-in data, saving hours of manual data processing time.

Emergency alert

Manage risk by alerting the right staff of potential issues

Integrate your self-serve sign-in kiosk with communication platforms such as Nurse Call, paging systems, email or SMS. Deal with issues in real-time to minimise and eliminate potential risks. The web console dashboard gives an instant overview of who’s at your facility in real time. In the event of an emergency, staff can quickly and easily generate real-time evacuation reports of everyone on the premises. Every staff member has immediate access to an emergency list via their mobile device.  

Our cloud based aged care visitor management system, enhances your facility’s proactive approach to safety and compliance.

Jam-packed with features to protect your aged care facility

Temperature checks

Embedded TGA-certified temperature sensor* accurately measures body temperature and alerts staff when temperature is too high. No calibration or maintenance is needed.

Automated notifications

Immediate notifications to relevant staff via SMS, email or your alert system if a person doesn’t meet all the requirements to sign in, has a high temperature or exceeds visitor limits. Great for after-hours or an unmanned reception.

Screening questions

Customise your screening questions and apply them to visitors, staff and contractors to ensure compliance at all times. Benefit from instant updates across all your kiosks to keep up to date with changing regulations.

Face identification

Check-in quickly and easily with the self-serve kiosk that uses patented face ID technology for optimum security and accuracy. A touch-free option is available for situations where infection risk must be minimised.

Document validation

Design a tailored sign-in process with document validation to ensure every visitor and contractor has the correct certificates for authorised entry. Staff receive an automatic alert if documentation is missing or out of date.

Time and Attendance

Facial recognition guarantees accurate staff check-in. Automatically verify staff timesheets with staff sign-in/out data eliminating the need to doublecheck timesheets. Pull staff records at a moment’s notice for audit purposes.

Real-time reporting

Know who’s at your facility and when at any given time for full visibility with the cloud-based web console. Keep track of visitor numbers and export data in a few clicks for powerful reporting and providing audit evidence.

Access control

Connect LoopKiosk to your access control system to ensure only authorised people gain access to your aged care facility for optimum security and complete peace of mind. Validate employee badges as part of the same process.

Visitor Management for aged care that grows with you

LoopSafe's visitor management system for aged care isn't a static solution. As the needs of the industry evolve, so do our solutions. We responded to the need for infection prevention and control measures with a TGA-approved embedded temperature sensor. Our development of integrations with workforce and clinical management systems, signifies our commitment to supporting your adaptability and success.

Elevate Aged Care Visitor Experience Today

Implement the most effective visitor management for aged care with a self-check-in LoopKiosk. We are the preferred aged care visitor management system, for aged care providers across Australia because we are dedicated to delivering a simple, welcoming experience for every visitor while ensuring your residents are safe and your place is compliant.

Dive into a smarter, safer, and more efficient visitor sign-in experience now.

More than a visitor management system

 Customise our visitor management system for all your entry management needs. Place a LoopKiosk at staff and service entry points for a comprehensive contractor management and staff clock-in and clock-off system. 

Whether it's checking contractors have valid credentials and are compliant or syncing staff clock-in data with your roster system, we simplify the process while ensuring the highest level of safety and compliance.

Discover the Benefits of LoopKiosk for Aged Care Visitor Management, Contractor Management and Staff Sign-In today.


LoopKiosk and Web Console GENERAL

We are for businesses and organisations that are responsible for the safety of the places and people in their care.

Tanya Abramzon – CEO Emmy Monash Aged Care
The result is a flexible Australian-developed technology solution that provides utmost peace of mind.

Integrations as easy as 1, 2, 3

We believe technology should adapt to suit your aged care facility, not the other way around. We’re continually expanding our list of integrations to maximise your staff efficiency and protect your residents’ health and safety.

Link your aged care accounting, HR and admin software

Integrate your staff and resident contact list with an automated sign-in solution

Connect your aged care management software including HR and payroll

Integrate your access control and security systems

We put the care back into aged care

Here’s how we’ve helped Australian aged care facilities to reduce paperwork and manual data entry to free up valuable staff time:

Saved front desk staff five hours a week compared to a paper-based sign-in system to increase efficiency
Automated 2+ million check-ins in 2022 and alerted staff to 100K+ high-risk attempted entries to keep residents safe
A Client Success Story

Emmy Monash Aged Care

Emmy Monash Aged Care revolutionises visitor sign-in process, which integrates with their sophisticated access control system, Integriti by Inner Range.

Justin Mortera – Procurement Officer, Uniting AgeWell

The installation itself was easy and the team was really responsive when it came to customer support.

Why Choose LoopKiosk for your visitor management


As your needs change, so do our solutions.

Our local team of engineers partner with you to continuously develop and improve system integrations, product features and flexibility.


Our people are just as important as our technology. We have a 98% customer retention rate thanks to our unwavering commitment to our customers and locally delivered support.


Our globally patented face ID technology is contactless, fast and secure.

No images are taken or stored and biometric information is de-identified and encrypted  or the highest level of security.

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