Access Management Software

LoopLearn designs, develops and delivers advanced, integrated visitor monitoring solutions, empowering you to efficiently, easily and accurately manage people flow – saving you time and money.

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Protect your business,
your people and privacy
For some businesses, just getting people in and out the door is a full-time job. For others, it’s a distraction from employees doing their real job.

But entry management is essential and the risk of ‘getting it wrong’ can be costly. LoopLearn is designed to help organisations meet the evolving needs of people management on private premises.

Great organisations provide workplaces that their employees and visitors feel safe in and trust. LoopLearn helps organisations know who is on their premises at all times, be confident that all people are authorised and safe to be there, and have an efficient system that alerts nominated staff if a person is at risk.

The LoopKiosk allows your employees, contractors and visitors to quickly and easily sign in and out of your premises. LoopLearn’s Face ID provides a seamless and secure experience for all users of the system and allows the organisation to implement best practice staff clock-on and visitor management procedures with ease.

The built-in body temperature sensor ensures that any person with a fever is prevented from signing in, and nominated staff are automatically notified immediately. These automated alerts ensure appropriate steps can be taken to maintain the health and wellbeing of all people on your premises.

Facial Recognition

Face ID is the highest level of security and hygiene. Patented Face ID technology means fast, accurate and contactless authentication for check-in and check-out.

Screening Questions

Create your own screening questions and apply them to different visitor types, staff and members

Unlimited Visitor/Contractor Types

Easily manage differing requirements and processes for all types of visitors and contractors at your organisation.

Documents Manager

Keep compliance documents for contacts in your secure, private storage environment via LoopLearn, and automate notifications if any required documents are missing or out of date.

Temperature Sensor

TGA approved in-built infra-red sensor accurately measures body temperature. The LoopKIosk offers the only TGA approved thermal sensor device integrated to access control systems (ARTG ID: 376450)

Systems Integration

A seamless sign in system to capture all people entering your site; staff, contractors and visitors.  LoopLearn integrates with time and attendance, finance and HR systems and to reduce the need for staff to supervise entry points,  remove paperwork and manual data entry.

Automated Notifications

Immediate on-screen alerts if a person doesn’t meet all requirements to sign in, has a high temperature*, or is exceeding visitor limits.
(*TGA certified. ARTG ID:376450.)

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