The Future of Access Management

LoopSafe and Integriti help organisations to better meet the evolving building access management requirements simply and efficiently.

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LoopSafe and Integriti:  Protecting People, Places and Privacy in a Changing World
Access management is an essential part of building security.  Granting authorised access for people to certain buildings, areas and rooms to ensure safety sounds simple.  However, the world of work is not as simple as it was just a short while ago.
Today, the market needs an entry management system that is easy to set up, scalable, integrated for ease of use and, perhaps most importantly, is responsive and resilient to changing compliance requirements.
LoopSafe and Integriti provide an integrated solution that delivers a seamless entry check and access control experience for all staff and non-staff entering your premises, without compromising on safety, compliance or privacy.
Integriti by Inner Range is a simple, scalable access control platform that provides an easy-to-use and incredibly flexible permission system that manages user access to areas with real-time oversight and reporting. Access to areas is managed through permissions using card readers or graphic keypads through a central user interface.
Integriti now also offers integration with LoopSafe to provide Face ID access with integrated TGA approved temperature sensor for the highest level of security and a safer, compliant work place.

Temperature Sensor

TGA approved in-built infra-red sensor accurately measures body temperature. The LoopKIosk offers the only TGA approved thermal sensor device integrated to access control systems (ARTG ID: 376450)

Facial Recognition

Face ID is the highest level of security and hygiene. Patented Face ID technology means fast, accurate and contactless authentication for check-in and check-out.

Digital Sign In Records

Access a real-time list of who is currently on site easily via the LoopSafe Cloud Web Console. Generate attendance records over any time frame for contact tracing, sync clock on/off data to timesheet systems, or generate an emergency evacuation list from your mobile device.

Denied Entry & Host Notifications

Add another level of security and reduce the need for supervising staff with automated SMS or email alerts when a high temperature is detected, or notify the host when their visitor has signed in.

Customised Display

Customise display image with customer branding, or specific entry messages. Configure different display messages for next steps for staff member or other users if access has been denied.

Integriti Integration

Have confidence that all people on your premises are authorised to be there with Integriti users access badge enabled immediately after signing in via a LoopKiosk device, and automatically disabled when they depart.
The global pandemic created a heightened awareness of personal health, safety and wellbeing as well as that of others. The access control industry has been impacted the same way, people are not prepared to touch our use security interfaces that may have been touched by others.

This is where the Temperature Screening Facial Recognition Kiosk from LoopSafe has been a fantastic addition to Inner Range’s Integriti building and site management solution.

The recent TGA approval of this device now allows for every person entering a premises to be temperature screened and identified with out the need for touching any security interfaces. LoopSafe addresses the concerns of everyone post pandemic and with this integration to Inner Range a fully compliant and professional access control solution can be deployed to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of all on site.

Mark Edwards | Senior Director – Products & Marketing ANZ
CSD / Atlas Gentech

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