Accurate and Fast Contractor sign-in

Seamless integrations allow your existing systems to talk to one another.

Accurate and fast staff sign-in

Integrated with your workforce management system

Simple and Secure – the benefits of our contractor sign-in system

Take sign-in to a new level

Having a good contractor sign-in system is like having an extra set of eyes on your site.  It makes sure only authorised people come in, and keeps a clear record. Our contractor sign-in software is a simple to use, self-check in system – making the process faster, reducing wait times and freeing up supervising staff.

Plus, with an integrated contractor sign-in system, you don’t just get people in quickly – you are alerted immediately if they are not authorised or compliant.  It’s a simple way to ensure your site and people are safer.

Contractor sign-in

Transform the way contractors enter your premises. No more paper logs. The LoopKiosk face ID technology ensures that every contractor sign-in is quick, straightforward, and accurate.

Easily manage contractor qualifications and build custom workflows to include health and compliance checks.

The flexibility to change workflows, respond to incidences and make updates to meet regulatory requirements is why our contractor sign-in system is used by aged care, health and education providers across Australia.

Contractor validation

Use our contractor sign-in system to link or store authenticated credentials, licences, insurance policies and certificates enabling rapid entry approval at the LoopKiosk.

Notify staff when contractor documents are out-of-date or when critical information is missing to ensure a compliant site.

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Connect time and attendance

Integrate with your access control or other business management software to accurately record contractor sign-in and sign-out information and easily verify invoiced labour hours.

Powerful reporting

The data is yours and accessible from the browser-based console or any mobile device.  View contractor sign-in logs in just a few clicks. Efficiently search digital records by date, contractor, or site, and export data for incident evidence or analysis.

LoopKiosk and Web Console GENERAL

Emergency evacuation

Emergency preparedness at its best.

In critical situations, having real time information is paramount.  Set triggers for emergency alerts via email or SMS to contractors on site. Provide immediate evacuation lists to supervisors or safety wardens to ensure everyone is accounted for.

Our Whole of Business Approach

More than a contractor sign-in system

Personalised Solution

We know that what works for you today will not be perfect tomorrow.  That is why we give you complete autonomy to create custom workflows, update your screen messages and apply your branding.

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A complete entry management system

Making sure that everyone coming on site is authorised and safe to be there is not a problem  unique to managing contractors.

That is why we have designed a complete entry management system that can be customised for visitors, staff, residents, students, members, volunteers and more.

One simple  system that can be used for visitor sign-in and all your entry management needs. Consolidate all your entry sign-in systems and get a centralised, real-time view of everyone on site.

Tailored for your industry

The LoopSafe system is infinitely scalable and suitable for industries and organisations of all sizes.

If you’re in the aged care sector, our visitor management system for aged care has been designed with the unique needs of elderly care facilities in mind. Our school customers integrate the LoopSafe system with the school management system and sync student early departure and late arrival information for a real-time view of student attendance.

Pair our visitor management with contractor management with staff sign-in solutions, and you have an integrated system that can be customised to cover all bases.

LoopKiosk and Web Console GENERAL

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