Swift and Reliable Visitor Sign-In

At last, a visitor sign-in system that really delivers self check in.

Accurate and fast staff sign-in

Integrated with your workforce management system

Automate and simplify the visitor sign-in process.

Deliver a welcoming and professional first impression with the LoopSafe visitor sign-in management system.

No more tedious paperwork or queueing for the attention of your busy reception staff. LoopSafe makes visitor sign-in efficient, effortless, and pinpoint accurate with smart facial recognition technology.

Designed specifically for use aged care and schools, the LoopKiosk is simple to use for both young and old. Activated by face detection the large screen with oversized buttons and easy to read text LoopSafe truly delivers self-check in visitor management.

Integration With Your Security Infrastructure

Synchronise with your security system to issue visitor badges and ensure a safe environment, knowing who is on the premises at every moment.
Instant Reporting Access the console from any device to get detailed visitor logs in seconds. Search records efficiently and download data for comprehensive reports.

Prepare for Any Situation

In emergencies, every second counts. Send alerts instantly to all visitors on-site. Our visitor sign-in system aids emergency personnel by providing real-time lists ensuring everyone’s safety.
worker with lanyard
parent and teacher

Introduce accurate time and attendance tracking for payroll

Say goodbye to following up incomplete or inaccurate staff time sheets and save valuable time for your managers and supervisors. Automated validation of timesheets can free up to 30% of your managers’ time every week.

Automatically sync your verified staff sign-in data to track time and attendance in real-time, eliminating human error and discrepancies.

Tailor-Made Kiosk Displays

Craft distinct on-screen messages as part of the sign-in visitor management process. Use the interactive dashboard to make alterations or updates, and see them come to life instantly at every sign-in point.

Faster Screening

LoopSafe self-learning facial recognition technology is highly accurate and becomes faster with each return visit. Speed up your visitor screening processes and be 100% confident your visitors and volunteers are accurately identified, accredited and safe. 

Use the same LoopSafe Kiosk for staff sign-in and contractor sign-in and automatically verify credentials are up to date and everyone is compliant before they start work each day.

LoopKiosk and Web Console GENERAL
LoopKiosk and Web Console GENERAL

Be audit ready at a moment’s notice

Log in to the web console from any computer or mobile device to view accurate staff logs in a few clicks. Easily search digital records by date, person or location and export data for powerful reporting.

Be audit ready with detailed digital records of everyone who has been on your premises.

More Compliant & Audit Ready

You are always compliant because staff are alerted to issues as they happen. Every approved visitor sign-in with LoopSafe is complete and available in real-time. In one easy self-check-in process, LoopSafe can verify identify, validate documents and even check for high temperatures. LoopSafe will notify your staff if a visitor doesn’t meet your entry requirements so you can act fast.

Use the same LoopSafe process for contractor sign-in to ensure that they are compliant and that everyone in your care is safe.

Simple & Central

LoopSafe allows multi-site visibility with all data in the same location. Access the web console from any device to get detailed visitor logs in seconds. Search your historic records efficiently by location, date or time and download data for comprehensive reporting.

Smarter Automation

LoopSafe is more than just a visitor management system. Integrate the LoopSafe visitor management system with your security system to issue visitor badges that trigger a single door or restrict access across your site.

Use the same LoopSafe system for your staff sign-in and integrate with your rostering system for a fast, accurate and paperless process that your staff will love.

There is no other entry management system with facial recognition technology that integrates with your access control and workforce or contractor management systems for the highest level of security for your people and property. LoopSafe is essential in protecting your organisation and its vulnerable people.

LoopKiosk and Web Console GENERAL
LoopKiosk and Web Console GENERAL

Link your access control system

Facial recognition is the highest level of security. Integrate LoopKiosk with your access control system and use the latest biometric recognition technology to activate staff key cards or unlock a door. Be sure access is granted only to authorised people to create a safe and secure workplace.

Prioritise and maximise workplace security by connecting LoopKiosk to a door relay or a more sophisticated access control system.

Tom Gorog – Board Member, Emmy Monash Aged Care

Before we had the LoopKiosk system up and running, registration was quite a painful process. When I come into the facility now, I know exactly what to do and it’s quite seamless.

More than just visitor sign-in 

Face identification

Our patented face ID technology powers quick, secure and accurate staff sign-in while protecting staff members’ privacy.


Connect with HR, payroll, rostering and finance to automatically sync your staff data for accurate time and attendance.

Staff cards activation

Activate staff cards using face ID to verify staff members, ensuring unauthorised people cannot gain access. Automatically deactivate staff cards if employees forget to sign out.

Temperature checks

Enjoy complete peace of mind thanks to our TGA certified temperature sensor* to keep everyone safe, without the need for calibration or maintenance.

Customised screen messages

Quickly and easily create important on-screens messages as part of the sign-in process. Edit or add on-screen messages using the web dashboard and instantly roll out to every sign-in point.

Always compliant

Check certificates and any other documentation to be compliant and keep your workplace safe. Send automatic alerts when documents have expired or need updating.

Contactless sign-in

Do away with fingerprint scanning and use the LoopKiosk’s contactless mode for faster staff check-in. The go-to choice for situations where infection risk needs to be kept to a minimum.

Multiple site management

The web-based console is an easy-to-use dashboard providing a central view of who’s on the premises, for one or multiple sites. Quickly roll out messages and make changes to entry requirements from the central hub.

Reporting capability

Sort, filter and export accurate staff attendance data for contact tracing, audit evidence or incident reporting.

Transform your workplace

LoopSafe is more than a visitor sign-in solution. Discover how automating your employee check-in can empower your staff and transform your workplace.

Reduce Manual Handling

Our visitor management system reduces time and eliminates visitor books and paper logs for contractors. Ensure visitors are compliant without the need for staff supervision. LoopSafe digital self-check-in system validates credentials and documentation so your staff don’t have to and notifies you when visitors or contractors do not meet your entry requirements.

Secure Data

Digitise your visitor sign-in process and say goodbye to spreadsheets and paper logs with LoopSafe. All your visitor accreditation data is in one location, with easy access for admin staff to verify credentials or check credential compliance for all visitors, contractors & volunteers.
LoopSafe also holds a global patent on the way it manages personal data. Unlike many systems, LoopSafe does not take photos or store images.

When using our top visitor sign-in software, you can be assured that your visitors are verified and compliant without compromising their personal information.

Our Industries

Our all-in-one visitor management system is suitable for any industry.  LoopSafe is Australian, and our locally based solutions experts work with customers to tailor the LoopSafe system to their needs.

Industries we have worked with include:


Create a safe, compliant campus with our automated sign-in solution for staff, visitors and contractors that syncs with your student management system.

Aged Care

Safeguard your residents and facility with identity, health and compliance checks for staff, visitors and contractors with our easy all-in-one process.

entry with swipe card


Automate sign-in for visitors, staff and contractors and strengthen workplace security by connecting face ID check with your access control system.

Integrations as easy as 1, 2, 3

We’re committed to designing a visitor management solution that’s known for its connectivity. From access control and workforce management to industry-specific management systems, we ‘get your system talking’ to maximise efficiency.

We’re continually expanding our list of integrations. Don’t see your software tools here? 

Integrate your access control and security systems

Connect your workforce management system

Link your aged care specialist management systems

Zoe Milne – Co-Founder and Director, LoopSafe

Commitment to customers is one of our values. We’ve designed everything so it’s easy to understand, easy to use and easy to customise so they can make changes on the fly.

The LoopSafe Difference


As your needs change, so do our solutions.

Our local team of engineers partner with you to continuously develop and improve system integrations, product features and flexibility.


Our people are just as important as our technology. We have a 98% customer retention rate thanks to our unwavering commitment to our customers and locally delivered support.


Our globally patented face ID technology is contactless, fast and secure.

No images are taken or stored and biometric information is de-identified and encrypted  or the highest level of security.

Want to see LoopKiosk in action?