Case Study: Hardi Aged Care
Dec 19, 2022
Hardi Aged Care: Seamless Integration with Existing Software Systems

Hardi Aged Care: Seamless Integration with Existing Software Systems

LoopKiosk Thermal offers more than just TGA-approved (ARTG ID: 376450) temperature checks. It can easily integrate with other systems, including Manad Plus and Care Systems, to sync resident, staff and contractors between the two systems and automatically clock on and off times for payroll.



Hardi Aged Care operates six residential aged care homes across Greater Sydney, caring for hundreds of residents. Established more than 50 years ago it is still owned by the Hardi family to this day.



Hardi Aged Care was looking for an automated TGA-approved temperature checking tool that could take some pressure off staff supervision of the visitor check-in process. It also needed to seamlessly integrate with existing software systems that were already in use across Hardi Aged Care’s six sites and deliver improved efficiency.

“We push for automation as much as possible. If it saves on people’s time, they can spend more time taking care of residents, and that’s the most important thing,” says James Trazzera, Hardi Aged Care’s Virtual CTO.

“Ease of access is really important. We wanted to make sure that administrative and clerical staff didn’t have to manually update the system every time a resident was coming in. We also wanted to be able to synchronise staff information across our systems so they only have to be entered once.”

James Trazzera – Virtual CTO, Hardi Aged Care

“It was important to us when choosing LoopSafe that it could communicate with existing platforms.”



A TGA approved temperature checking solution was the most important factor in Hardi Aged Care’s decision.

However, the risk of infection and keeping residents safe is always top of mind, so the facial recognition technology was also a key selling point. This meant the team could dispense with the fingerprint scanning system it was using to admit staff and visitors to its buildings and significantly reduce infection risk by creating a touch-free entry process.

The Hardi Aged Care team was also looking for a combined hardware and software solution, rather than having to spend time sourcing consoles and mountings needed at each entry point. In that sense, LoopKiosk Thermal provided a one-stop shop that could be quickly installed and ready to go.

The final piece of the puzzle was finding a solution that fit into the existing software eco-system.

“There are always new software programs and systems being developed,” says Narelle Baigent, Executive Marketing and Communications Manager at Hardi Aged Care. “What you don’t want is to be supporting a host of systems that don’t talk to each other, providing additional frustration and workload, rather than reducing it. It was important to us when choosing LoopSafe that it could communicate with existing platforms.”

LoopKiosk Thermal is a complete hardware and software solution with the following key features:

    • TGA-approved temperature sensor (ARTG ID: 376450)
    • Proprietary facial identification technology
    • Individual and company document manager
    • Customisable display and screening questions
    • Resident visitor limit manager
    • Contractor company manager
    • Visitor name badge printing
    • Automated notifications to staff when a person doesn’t meet entry requirement.

“LoopSafe’s technology is Australian born and globally patented,” says Zoe Milne, Co-Founder and CEO at LoopSafe.

“It uses advanced AI and it’s unlike any other identification technology currently available in terms of its focus on privacy and security, as well as its ease of use. It saves countless hours of work for staff – especially at the front desk – who can use that time to focus on higher impact tasks.”



LoopSafe is an Australian owned and operated technology company that helps organisations protect the people in their care. The LoopKiosk Thermal product allows residents, staff, frequent visitors, and contractors to quickly and easily confirm they are in a healthy temperature range and sign themselves in and out of buildings without touching anything. This is an advanced solution that gives organisations with a high duty of care peace of mind.

LoopSafe’s easy to use, browser accessible web console ensures customers can easily access key information such as staff attendance details, and visitor sign-in logs in real-time. The platform can easy integrate with existing business systems. No technical expertise is required and LoopSafe’s Australia based customer support team is always available to help along the way.

James Trazzera – Virtual CTO, Hardi Aged Care

“I’m more than happy to sing LoopSafe’s praises, because this is a really great system. The technology works, the back end is great, and it’s very simple and easy to use.”

Hardi Aged Care has been using LoopKiosk since mid-2021.

“We trialled it at one site first, and it worked really well, so then we rolled it out at two sites, then the remaining three” says James. “The Hardi CEO is very interested in new technology geared for aged care.”

“Honestly, my impression is that it’s a great system and it’s easy to integrate with other systems. I think it’s brilliant. Facial recognition makes things a lot easier. Technically speaking, it’s solid. It works.”

The best part is that LoopSafe was easy to integrate with the other systems.

“When you introduce a new system, you want the integration to be seam- less and not require additional manual intervention to keep it up-to-date,” says Narelle. “The fact that LoopSafe has the ability for custom API integration, gives us the peace of mind of knowing that our information is accurate and current.”



The latter half of 2021 was a blur of COVID-related lockdowns, changing requirements and visitor limits. In Sydney, this could be different across local government areas but a big advantage of the LoopSafe system was that staff could tailor questions on the kiosks to reflect the latest government requirements for their location. When the LoopKiosks were installed, it meant staff could move on from hand- held temperature checks and piles of onerous paperwork. Both James and Narelle agree there’s definitely been a cost saving in terms of time.

“Certainly, from a check-in and screening perspective, at each of our homes, it made a huge difference.

There are lots of things we’re required to do and it alleviated a lot of work that was very manual,” says Narelle. “And for payroll purposes, if someone checked-in on the kiosk at 9am and checked-out at 5pm, we have a trail of validated information. If we need to find out how many people were onsite at a particular time, we can do that also.”

It’s also been straightforward for all users to learn to use the new check-in system.

“It’s really easy to use,” says James. “The staff walk up and it scans their face, it’s pretty simple. We’re in aged care, so the majority of staff walking into the building are taking care of residents. I’m sure they can see the value it adds, checking their temperatures just to be sure, so we can keep everyone safe.”


Hardi Aged Care

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