Sep 20, 2022
Integration with Access Control takes safety to a new level

Integration with Access Control takes safety to a new level

Allowing visitors to register their arrival and complete screening tasks before entry has always been at the heart of the LoopSafe system but integration into access control systems takes LoopSafe’s screening to the next level.
LoopSafe and Integriti

Add face identification biometrics to your access control system for the highest level of safety and security

While access control systems such as Integriti allow building managers to restrict access within a building to certain groups of people who hold a security pass, there is a rarely a cross-check to ensure that the person using the pass is the staff member they claim to be.  How many cards does your organisation replace because a staff member has accidentally left or dropped their swipe card/entry fob in a public area.  This card could be found and used – in the absence of an identity check – by anyone for access to the building and areas controlled by that card.

In Q1 of 2022, the task of natively integrating LoopSafe’s visitor management system into Inner Range’s Integriti access control system was completed.  With LoopSafe integration in place, a swipe card/fob is disabled by default.  To activate, a staff member must register their attendance on the LoopSafe device on arrival.  In a matter of seconds, the staff member:

  • Will have their identity verified using LoopSafe’s secure facial recognition technology.
  • Have their temperature taken using the only TGA-approved temperature scanning device on the market. * **
  • Complete customised pre-entry screening questions (compliant with your policies and regulatory requirements) *
  • Submit any required documentation required for entry (insurance, qualifications, vaccination status etc).*

If all steps are successfully completed in accordance with the building entry requirements set by the building manager, LoopSafe will activate the staff member’s access card/fob to allow entry until the staff member signs out of their shift.  Alternatively, the building manager can set a default time after which the card/fob is deactivated.

Should it be required, LoopSafe can integrate with many rostering/HR systems and automate the recording of time-in/time-out of the staff member as they arrive and leave each day across exisiting business systems for the most accurate payroll records available.

Discover how you can add the next level of security to your access control system and arrange a demonstration of the full LoopSafe functionality.

* Configurable options

** Class IIa medical device (ARTG ID 376450) with access control integration enablement.

ACCPA Industry Partner

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